Polynomial functions of modular lattices

  • A polynomial function \(f : L \to L\) of a lattice \(\mathcal{L}\) = \((L; \land, \lor)\) is generated by the identity function id \(id(x)=x\) and the constant functions \(c_a (x) = a\) (for every \(x \in L\)), \(a \in L\) by applying the operations \(\land, \lor\) finitely often. Every polynomial function in one or also in several variables is a monotone function of \(\mathcal{L}\). If every monotone function of \(\mathcal{L}\)is a polynomial function then \(\mathcal{L}\) is called orderpolynomially complete. In this paper we give a new characterization of finite order-polynomially lattices. We consider doubly irreducible monotone functions and point out their relation to tolerances, especially to central relations. We introduce chain-compatible lattices and show that they have a non-trivial congruence if they contain a finite interval and an infinite chain. The consequences are two new results. A modular lattice \(\mathcal{L}\) with a finite interval is order-polynomially complete if and only if \(\mathcal{L}\) is finite projective geometry. If \(\mathcal{L}\) is simple modular lattice of infinite length then every nontrivial interval is of infinite length and has the same cardinality as any other nontrivial interval of \(\mathcal{L}\). In the last sections we show the descriptive power of polynomial functions of lattices and present several applications in geometry.

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