Exploration and Design of DC MEMS Switches for Integrated Self-x Sensory Systems

Untersuchung und Entwurf von DC MEMS Schaltern für Integrierte Self-x Sensorsysteme

  • The advances in sensor technology have introduced smart electronic products with high integration of multi-sensor elements, sensor electronics and sophisticated signal processing algorithms, resulting in intelligent sensor systems with a significant level of complexity. This complexity leads to higher vulnerability in performing their respective functions in a dynamic environment. The system dependability can be improved via the implementation of self-x features in reconfigurable systems. The reconfiguration capability requires capable switching elements, typically in the form of a CMOS switch or miniaturized electromagnetic relay. The emerging DC-MEMS switch has the potential to complement the CMOS switch in System-in-Package as well as integrated circuits solutions. The aim of this thesis is to study the feasibility of using DC-MEMS switches to enable the self-x functionality at system level. The self-x implementation is also extended to the component level, in which the ISE-DC-MEMS switch is equipped with self-monitoring and self-repairing features. The MEMS electrical behavioural model generated by the design tool is inadequate, so additional electrical models have been proposed, simulated and validated. The simplification of the mechanical MEMS model has produced inaccurate simulation results that lead to the occurrence of stiction in the actual device. A stiction conformity test has been proposed, implemented, and successfully validated to compensate the inaccurate mechanical model. Four different system simulations of representative applications were carried out using the improved behavioural MEMS model, to show the aptness and the performances of the ISE-DC-MEMS switch in sensitive reconfiguration tasks in the application and to compare it with transmission gates. The current design of the ISE-DC-MEMS switch needs further optimization in terms of size, driving voltage, and the robustness of the design to guarantee high output yield in order to match the performance of commercial DC MEMS switches.

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Verfasserangaben:Muhammad Akmal bin Johar
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