Applying Roles to the SFB 501 Experience Base

  • For transferring existing knowledge into new projects, reuse has become an important factor in today's software industry. However, to set reuse into practice, reusable artifacts have to be stored somewhere, and must be offered to (re-)users on demand. For this purpose, advanced reuse repository systems like, for instance, instantiations of the Experience Base concept, are quite frequently used. Many people, from different projects, have to access such a repository at various phases of software development processes to retrieve or store reusable data. In order to fulfill the given tasks, each of these user has specific needs. Taking this into account, a reuse repository has to offer tailored user interfaces and functions for different user groups. Furthermore, since the contents of such a repository usually represent the state of the art of an organization's (core) competencies, not everyone should be allowed to freely access each and every repository entry. This isespecially true for persons that are not part of the organization. This report discusses role concepts that can be applied to reuse repository systems to overcome some of the stated access problems. Commonly used roles for software development and reuse repository management are listed. Based on these roles, a basic set of roles, as implemented in the SFB 501 Experience Base, is introduced.

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Verfasserangaben:Raimund L. Feldmann, Michael Frey, Marco Habetz
URN (Permalink):urn:nbn:de:hbz:386-kluedo-9668
Schriftenreihe (Bandnummer):Sonderforschungsbereich 501 (2000,2)
Dokumentart:Wissenschaftlicher Artikel
Sprache der Veröffentlichung:Englisch
Jahr der Fertigstellung:2000
Jahr der Veröffentlichung:2000
Veröffentlichende Institution:Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
Datum der Publikation (Server):29.03.2000
Freies Schlagwort / Tag:SFB-EB; access rights; experience base; experience management; reuse; roles
Fachbereiche / Organisatorische Einheiten:Fachbereich Informatik
DDC-Sachgruppen:0 Allgemeines, Informatik, Informationswissenschaft / 004 Informatik
Lizenz (Deutsch):Standard gemäß KLUEDO-Leitlinien vor dem 27.05.2011