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A Wide-Operating Range Standard-Cell Based Memory in 28nm FD-SOI

  • This study presents an energy-efficient ultra-low voltage standard-cell based memory in 28nm FD-SOI. The storage element (standard-cell latch) is replaced with a full- custom designed latch with 50 % less area. Error-free operation is demonstrated down to 450mV @ 9MHz. By utilizing body bias (BB) @ VDD = 0.5 V performance spans from 20 MHz @ BB=0V to 110MHz @ BB=1V.

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Author:Oskar Andersson, Babak Mohammadi, Joachim Neves Rodrigues
URN (permanent link):urn:nbn:de:hbz:386-kluedo-43308
Document Type:Conference Proceeding
Language of publication:English
Publication Date:2016/03/14
Year of Publication:2016
Publishing Institute:Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
Date of the Publication (Server):2016/03/14
Number of page:2
Faculties / Organisational entities:Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
CCS-Classification (computer science):B. Hardware / B.3 MEMORY STRUCTURES / B.3.0 General
DDC-Cassification:6 Technik, Medizin, angewandte Wissenschaften / 621.3 Elektrontechnik, Elektronik
Collections:International Workshop on Emerging Memory Solutions
Licence (German):Standard gemäß KLUEDO-Leitlinien vom 30.07.2015