Urban Design Guidelines as Design Control Instrument with a case study of the Silver Triangle Superblock, Jakarta

  • Urban Design Guidelines have been used in Jakarta for controlling the form of the built environment. This planning instrument has been implemented in several central city redevelopment projects particularly in superblock areas. The instrument has gained popularity and implemented in new development and conservation areas as well. Despite its popularity, there is no formal literature on the Indonesian Urban Design Guideline that systematically explain its contents, structure and the formulation process. This dissertation attempts to explain the substantive of urban design guideline and the way to control its implementation. Various streams of urban design theories are presented and evaluated in term of their suitability for attaining a high urbanistic quality in major Indonesian cities. The explanation on the form and the practical application of this planning instrument is elaborated in a comparative investigation of similar instrument in other countries; namely the USA, Britain and Germany. A case study of a superblock development in Jakarta demonstrates the application of the urban design theories and guideline. Currently, the role of computer in the process of formulating the urban design guideline in Indonesia is merely as a replacement of the manual method, particularly in areas of worksheet calculation and design presentation. Further support of computer for urban planning and design tasks has been researched in developed countries, which shows its potential in supporting decision-making process, enabling public participation, team collaboration, documentation and publication of urban design decisions and so on. It is hoped that the computer usage in Indonesian urban design process can catch up with the global trend of multimedia, networking (Internet/Intranet) and interactive functions that is presented with examples from developed countries.
  • Urban Design Guidelines as Design Control Instrument with a case study of the Silver Triangle Superblock, Jakarta

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